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Global-Tech Green Energy & Minerals, Canada Ltd


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Environmentally friendly approach to minerals and mining

Global-Tech Green Energy & Minerals, Canada Ltd is an innovative and leading mining services company with a growing world-class portfolio of mining operations across multiple continents, with lithium at its core.

Since our formation in 2008, we have pioneered innovative solutions resulting in efficiencies for our business while adding value to our shareholders. We recognise the importance of innovation in providing sustainable and low-cost solutions across our lithium mining infrastructure supply chain.

We are passionate about improvement and have created a culture where we empower our people to challenge the status quo and actively explore new ideas and opportunities.

It is through this culture that a range of innovative products and processes have been developed, all of which are designed to facilitate increases in efficiencies, lower costs, provide a competitive advantage for our mining services business and facilitate the lowest quartile production costs.

We continue to operate in a way that makes a difference to our people, our clients and the local communities in which we live and operate, while maximising shareholder value.

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Global-Tech aims to establish a strong, sustainable and environmentally responsible extraction industry for...

We operate several policies which determine our conduct regarding several matters including environment, equality...

We understand that we have a duty to operate responsibly and minimise the impact of our operations on our people...

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Charlton Holmes

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Mitch C. Dobbs

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Gary Westley